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Halusky - Delicious Discoveries

Halusky - Delicious Discoveries Halusky - Delicious Discoveries

Halusky UK is the leading supplier of Czech and Slovak food and drink across the UK. With a small store in south west London, Halusky serves customers from the south west tip of England all the way up to the Scottish highlands from its website -

Halusky UK is run by husband and wife entrepreneurs Anish and Minal Shah. They have been growing their business for nearly 15 years, and have built strong relationships with leading suppliers throughout Slovakia and Czech Republic.

The key to Halusky UK’s continued success, where others have faltered, has been a relentless focus on what their customers want, and a committed approach to sourcing the highest quality products.

Their user-friendly website has an extensive range which includes speciality products, healthy foods, fresh groceries, confectionery, and beers and wines.

If you’ve recently visited Prague, for example, why not order some food and drink as a reminder of your trip?

And if there is something special you miss from Slovakia or Czech Republic, and you can’t find it on the website, Anish and Minal can try to get it for you. Just ask!

Search for ‘Halusky UK’ to start your next shopping trip!!!

Contact details

The Sonam Halusky Shop
132 Upper Richmond Road West,
East Sheen, London
SW14 8DS
Tel: 020 8876 8346
Web: visit website