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Basic information

  • Area: 253.2 km² (98 sq mi)
  • Calling Code: +30
  • Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
  • Population (EST): 49,550
  • Language: Greek
  • Time Zone: (UTC+2/3)

Kalamata – Overview

Situated in the centre of the azure blue Messinian Bay, Kalamata is the second largest city of the
Peloponnese peninsular in Southern Greece. Though Tripoli, its big brother city, may soak up most
of the attention, Kalamata is a beautiful yet more modest destination and is the capital of the
Messinian region. Beset on both sides by luxuriously long beaches, Kalamata’s town population of
just over 61000 enjoy a more relaxed pace and good quality of life.

Named after the Byzantine monastery of Our Lady of Kalamata at the top of the city, excavations
have shown Kalamata dates back to the time of Homer, and in Ancient Greece was known as Pherae.
The historic centre of Kalamata tells of this ancient history, as well as more recent events such as the
devastating earthquake of 1986, from which Kalamata has successfully rebuilt and has flourished.

Known as the gateway to Mani - a mountainous and notoriously difficult area of southern Greece -
Kalamata has developed as a tourism hub because of its well placed position allowing access to the
rest of the southern Peloponnese area. As such, four star hotels can be found near the beach, as well
as the much more modest bed and breakfast affairs that can be found away from the sea front.

Kalamata olives are world renowned, as are its other succulent fruits that grow in abundance in the
area, not to mention Kalamata’s distinctive honey, said to cure all sorts of ailments. Sample some of
these local delights, or take home some Kalamata silk.